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Creative Humans And Next Generation Engineers

Frequently Asked Questions

-> Who >> [me?]

If you attended in one of the last two years or got a token from us, you are invited and may bring a close friend, please drop us a mail to get a friendtoken.

-> Saftey >> [o.O]

Entering the place and securing yourself happens at your own risk. Including using of some of our new seats and benches. ;)

-> Lights >> [uuuh]

The lights are made by un.y.q and following a nonpublic timetable. The illumination climax will be on saturday night, starting on tuesday.

-> Music >> [oh yeah]

If you want to make music, you can add yourself via the ticket interface. Please be aware that there is only a limited number of music slots and please DO NOT FORGET TO HIT YOUR RECORDBUTTONS if you will be playing.

-> Kids >> [:p]

You are very welcome, but please bring at least a person over 18 or even your family with you.

-> Dogs >> [wuff]

You are also very welcome if you don't put any stress on humans, chickens, ducks and the rest of the forest animals.

-> Stones >> [rumble]

Like to stay where they are, most of them are in their place for a reason.

-> CO² >> [safe]

We want to be CO² neutral, including your travelfootprint. This means a) that you help us, when you travel as CO² saving as possible, and b) that we want the value of your travelfootprint, so we can compensate for it. In addition to that, every guest gets a plant or a tree as a gift to take home with.

-> Ethics >> [check]

• Respect Nature, Work and Beauty
• Use public things, Protect private ones
• Initiative is great, Communication is better, Documentation is top
• Quality before Quantity
• Patience is a Virtue


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