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-> C.H.A.N.G.E.06 Motto >> [whut?]

This year our Motto is "Change the Planet". Do we want to change this planet or change the planet? If we want to survive we are left with two options: a) change this planet for the better, or b) change the planet and leave. Both are quite insteresting discussion topics, rather difficult and very complex problems we are facing. For both we need to rethink society on a global scale and we are running out of time. We invite all scientists, architects, hackers and creative people to talk about this topics together.

This page is constantly changing, so come again for updates. We even optimized our webpage again to use even less energy.

-> Upcoming tasks >> [bellsound]

· some new website features
· repairing the lamp in the men's toilett (bar)
· building a new firespace at Garten Eben
· implementing a pwd procteced webarchive
· building a douglasie/lärchen roof for the couchcorner at pirate bay for CO² neutrality
· starting a new (locally independent) power grid

If you see any task fitting you or you have any ideas you want to add be welcome to drop by through the whole year.

-> Work Done >> [check]

· Webpage update
· Motto
· Date
· thank you email / picture request / recording request [05a]
· new logo
· …

-> When >> [ticktack]

03.-08.08.2022 - Twothousandandtwentytwo. Earthtime. 19 BCC [Before Climate Collapse]

-> Tickets >> [yay]

· daypass : 25€
· 2day weekend : 42€
· 3day weekend : 50€
· whole time : 80€

Rough Ticket Calculation: Breakfast[day] 5€ | Water 3€ | Power 2€ | Sound 6€ | Lights 4€ | Booking 10€ | Infrastructure 10€ | Ticketing 2,5%

-> Covid-19 >> [omg]

We hope this won't be a topic next year, but let's see …

-> Saftey >> [o.O]

Entering the Paradise area and securing yourself happens at your own risk.


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